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We hope to become your trusted resource for business immigration news – and we have written a lot about H-1B visas, compliance and related topics. We thought you might be interested in some of these articles from our FordMurray blog:

A doctor explains something to an elderly patient.J-1 Visa Waivers – A Win-Win Program for Healthcare Providers

FordMurray works with healthcare organizations across the country who are involved in the J-1 visa process for physicians because it’s a win-win program. Healthcare organizations get excellent staff through this program, and foreign physicians are grateful to be able to continue their career in the United States without interruption. However, it’s known as a complicated and burdensome process, particularly for employers who are navigating it for the first time. Read more.

A woman looking at a computerUnderstanding the 2-Year Home Residency Requirement for J-1 Visa Holders

The United States provides an amazing opportunity for people outside of the country to come here to further their education. Immigrants are allowed to do this under what is called a J-1 visa. In order for them to complete their education and possibly live and work in the US permanently, they must follow certain guidelines set forth under the J-1 requirements. One of these stipulations is the 2-year home residency requirement, also called HRR, and it’s a crucial part of completing the J-1 visa process. Read more.

Attorney Michael Murray on Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waivers in New Hampshire

For New Hampshire health care employers in medically underserved areas, there is a resource for hiring doctors: The Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waiver program. In this New Hampshire Business Review article, attorney Michael Murray explains how New Hampshire health care facilities can use the program to address the state’s physician shortage. Read more.

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