How to Admit Foreign Students into Your School – Free Guide

Do you want to recruit foreign students to attend your school? Or are you looking for a quick reference guide for SEVP compliance?

This Guide gives foreign student offices and DSOs a one-stop reference for SEVIS certification and SEVP compliance. Whether you are new to foreign student programs or an experienced DSO, our free guide provides valuable information, all in one place, with topics including:

  • Who can receive SEVIS certification?
  • How to obtain F-1 and M-1 certification for your college, university, private high school, or qualifying institution.
  • How to maintain compliance in cases of student transfers and student employment.
  • Preparing students for the F-1 process, from foreign embassy to college campus.
  • Tracking compliance.
  • A comprehensive look at the roles and responsibilities of the DSO.

Free SEVP Certification Guide

Your Guide is a go-to resource on SEVP certification and SEVIS compliance - useful for those just starting the certification process or as a compliance guide for international student offices. 

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Who Should Read the Guide:

This Guide is designed for higher education professionals, admissions officers, foreign students advisers or in-house counsel who are responsible for foreign student enrollment or SEVP certification/recertification.

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