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Challenges to today’s healthcare providers are complex and multifaceted. Hospitals and healthcare facilities must navigate burgeoning patient populations as aging Baby Boomers require increased medical care, in addition to stresses from economic and demographic shifts in their communities. All these issues are compounded by workforce shortages at every level – from nurses and clinicians to family practice physicians to skilled surgeons.

While hospitals and healthcare providers can hire foreign physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals to address workforce shortages and to improve healthcare delivery, healthcare immigration is not immune to the volatility of the today’s immigration landscape. As part of President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative, work visa applications and green card petitions that were once seen as routine have undergone unprecedented scrutiny. Now, more than ever, hospitals and healthcare providers must have comprehensive immigration plans and protocol in place – not only to set themselves up for success, but to offer security and peace of mind to their valued team members.

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For Healthcare HR Leaders and In-House Counsel - a Guide for Understanding Visa and Green Card Options for Foreign Medical Professionals.

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The right immigration strategies can help build a workforce that is ready and able to meet the diverse needs of your community – but hiring foreign physicians, nurses and professionals does not happen overnight. Start your planning today, through this Guide, or through a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced healthcare immigration attorneys.


This guide is for Human Resource Leaders and in-house counsel who would like to learn more about immigration strategies for foreign physicians, nurses and allied health professionals. If you are a foreign medical graduate, click here for a guide created specifically to address the questions of foreign physicians while they navigate the immigration process.

What You Will Learn:

Part 1: How to Hire Foreign Physicians

Understanding the Home Residency Requirement, Conrad J-1 Waiver, and other visa options

Part 2: How to Hire Foreign Nurses

Understanding Schedule A Direct Recruitment, TN visas, and H-1B visas for professional workers

Part 3: Immigration Strategies for Allied Healthcare Workers

Visa options including the H-1B and TN visas

Part 4: Planning for the PERM Process