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When an employer brings on a new hire, an I-9 form must be filled out to verify the new employee’s identity and authorization to work in the United States. An I-9 compliance audit is designed to verify employment eligibility of all employees and ensure employers are following legal hiring practices. Because of this, it is good practice to undergo regular I-9 compliance audits.

Business immigration attorney Russell Ford, Founding Partner of FordMurray, has authored a 13-page guide on conducting an I-9 compliance audit to help employers understand the I-9 audit process and the importance of I-9 compliance. For advanced I-9 program needs, including I-9 compliance training programs, HR onboarding training and comprehensive manuals, click here, or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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If you are an employer who is responsible for employee eligibility verification, this guide will help you understand the need for regular I-9 compliance audits, point out common mistakes during the process, and will help prepare you for a smoother and simpler audit.

What You Will Learn:

  • Part 1: What is an 1-9 Audit?
  • Part 2: Why Do You Need an 1-9 Audit?
  • Part 3: How to Plan for an 1-9 Audit
  • Part 4: What to Expect of the 1-9 Process