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We hope to become your trusted resource for business immigration news – and we have written a lot about H-1B visas, compliance and related topics. We thought you might be interested in some of these articles from our FordMurray blog:

Extraordinary PizzaExtraordinary Ability, Pizza, and America’s First Lady

The month of March brought news stories that had many people unfamiliar with business immigration asking, “What is extraordinary ability, anyway?”

“Extraordinary ability” is a term used for temporary O visas and EB-1  petitions for permanent residence. Broadly, these processes are used to bring the best and brightest to the United States – and sometimes that can mean a pizza chef and an aspiring model.  Read more.

Attorneys Russell Ford and Sara Fleming present to nearly 30 professors and students at UNH.

What You Need to Know about Immigration Today

On Friday, March 9, FordMurray attorneys Russell Ford and Sara Fleming presented at the University of New Hampshire. In a presentation targeted to foreign born faculty and students, Sara and Russell delved into changes to immigration law and policy, discussing the implications for residents with work or student visas.

With about 30 attendees present, we were able to have productive conversations about specific immigration questions and concerns regarding President Trump’s Impact on Immigration Law. Read more.

I group of architects look at a computer screen with an architectural rendering in the foreground.

Hiring on an O Visa

If your company wants to hire an exceptionally talented individual for a temporary period of time, then the “O” visa may be right for you. The O visa is a short-term, non-immigrant visa meant to provide entry to the US for international people of extraordinary ability in certain designated fields.

Generally, this type of visa is granted for up to 3 years and can be extended after that on an unlimited year-to-year basis. They can be issued relatively quickly compared to other immigration processes, and they give the bearer the right to work in the US for the O visa sponsor, though it must be in the same field as their identified talent.  Read more.

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