Protecting Your Business

Immigration Compliance in the workplace

Compliance can be difficult even for the most sophisticated business. We also understand that, as an organization, you expect the best but prepare for the worst. If and when an audit ever occurs, you want to be prepared and ready, not stressed and scared. We assist employers with developing the following:

H1-B and L-1 Site visit plans:

We counsel employers on what an H-1B or L-1 site visit looks and feels like, what their rights are before, during, and after the site visit, and how to properly prepare for the site visit. We also assist with developing an internal policy for handling an impromptu site visit so that a protocol is in place and the client is prepared for the visit.

LCA compliance files:

We counsel employers on maintaining the proper Labor Condition Application (LCA) documentation as well as where and how long to maintain this documentation so that it is readily available and easily accessible in the event of a government audit. In addition, as needed, we provide LCA compliance counseling and training for staff that maintain these files so that we can help the company ensure that they are meeting the regulatory standards of maintenance on these records.

I-9 file compliance:

We provide I-9 review, audit and training so that clients feel comfortable completing I-9s, maintaining I-9s, and self-auditing their existing I-9s on an on-going basis to maintain their best opportunity for compliance within the regulatory framework. Learn more about how FordMurray has helped other businesses prepare for I-9 audits.

Download our complimentary Guide to I-9 Audits for more information. Should you need immediate legal assistance, please contact us today!