Supportive and Patient

Aga has been instrumental in my green card application process! There are just so many documents, and forms, and fees to navigate; and this is a type of thing, where you want to be thorough and not miss anything. During a very detailed consultation we felt immediately comfortable that she really knew what she was talking about.

She was very supportive and patient, walked me and my then fiance through the process step by step and answered probably millions of questions we had. All for a very moderate fee!

Aga is also very flexible with clients’ needs, and can accommodate. For example, during the process me and my husband moved to another state, and she was able to do video calls, and online chats to answer any ad-hoc questions. Plus, she thoroughly prepped us for the interview itself, explained the expectations and everything from logistics to practice questions. We were very prepared, and the whole thing lasted no more than 10 minutes.

We are very pleased with our experience working with Aga, and would definitely recommend her services!