Can You Use an E-2 Visa to Open a Franchise in the U.S.?

Franchise opportunities in the United States can be an enticing option for investors and entrepreneurs who are considering an E-2 visa, as they reduce the time and “substantial investment” supposition required to set up a U.S. business from the ground up.

Why Invest in a Franchise?

Franchises Exist in Diverse Industries

Whether you want to start a business in information technology or personal fitness, there are franchise opportunities in a diverse array of professional and service-based industries, including:

  • Restaurant and retail
  • Beauty and fitness
  • Healthcare
  • Computer and Technology Services
  • Business and Professional Services
  • Childcare and Education
  • Home Services and Repair

Franchises are Available for a Variety of Budgets

Investment levels can range from around $20,000 to over $200,000. While small-scale investors can find an opportunity to grow a business in sales by investing in a shopping mall kiosk franchise, an investor with more capital could consider a restaurant franchise, a home health care franchise, or a tutoring franchise.

Franchises can Provide a Turnkey Business Opportunity

The E-2 visa relies heavily on your ability to provide a business plan and show a substantial investment to support the start-up and growth of your business, in addition to requiring your business is ready to start operating as soon as your visa is approved. Purchasing an existing franchise could easily satisfy that requirement, but even when starting a franchise from scratch, investors can rely on the franchise protocol established by the franchisor.

Is a Franchise Right for Your Investor Visa?

Franchises aren’t for every investor. When you purchase a franchise, you are typically entering into an agreement with the franchisor that dictates the way you run your business. Although in many ways you will own your business, you will most likely be obligated to pay royalties to your franchisor for the entire time you are in business. Additionally, franchisees must follow the guidelines established by franchisor for most aspects of your business, including the services you offer and the price you charge for services. It is essential you have thoroughly researched the franchisor and franchisee agreement before investing in a franchise.

If you are considering the purchase of a franchise as an E-2 visa investor, talk with an immigration attorney you can trust. We are happy to offer free consultation and look forward to helping you.

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