Corporate Immigration

Talent, vision, expertise – all desirable qualities for your next employee, and all qualities that transcend country of birth.

Business Immigration Visas

The ability to hire and retain the right professional for your business could be instrumental in your success. Oftentimes, this means having immigration strategies and protocols in place.

FordMurray attorneys work with companies to identify the appropriate visa options for their business and for positions within their organization. This can include:

We help you create proactive immigration programs to help attract and retain the employees you need to grow and flourish.

If you don’t know where to start, contact us for a complimentary consultation – we take pride in orienting businesses to the immigration landscape, and helping tailor solutions to meet your goals.

I-9 and Visa Program Compliance

Form I-9 and visa program compliance should be an essential component of any corporate immigration strategy. FordMurray works with human resource professionals to prepare for USCIS site visits, maintain compliant LCA files, and understand the nuances of Form I-9 for immigrant and nonimmigrant employees. With our expert guidance, your HR team will be prepared for even the most complex immigration scenarios.

The best business immigration programs anticipate the needs of your organization and are ready to respond when you need to hire the right candidate. Book a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced corporate immigration attorneys to learn more.