FordMurray Releases Family Sponsorship Guide

Cover of the FordMurray Guide to Sponsoring a Spouse or Family Member for Permanent Residence in the United States.FordMurray is pleased to release our 2018 Family Sponsorship Guide. The 14-page guide, authored by Senior Counsel Aga Asbury, serves as a helpful resource to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents who would like to sponsor a spouse or family member for a U.S. “green card.”

The Family Sponsorship Guide features information about the sponsorship process, including:

  • Sponsoring a spouse or family member who currently resides in the United States
  • Sponsoring a spouse or family member who resides outside of the United States
  • Sponsoring a fiancé(e)
  • Tips for preparing for visa interviews
  • Timelines for filing the necessary forms
  • Information about naturalization

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