Immigration Solutions for Higher Education Institutions

Colleges and universities are faced with the task of preparing undergraduate and graduate students for lives beyond their degree program. To work towards that goal, higher education institutions work to foster inclusive campus cultures and employ dynamic teams of faculty, scholars, researchers and professional staff.

SEVIS Certification and SEVP Compliance

International student programs provide myriad benefits – not only do they provide an important revenue stream for colleges and universities, these programs create diversity of thought and academic practice, and help create a vibrant campus for all students.

The first step to recruiting international students is obtaining SEVIS certification. Once students are on-campus, international student officers should be prepared to support their student and ensure they stay in compliance with federal immigration laws. FordMurray offers comprehensive counsel and training for international student office representatives, human resource professionals and Designated School Officials.

Employment of International Faculty and Staff

Most higher education employers have one primary reason for hiring foreign-born professionals – they simply want to hire the best person for the job, regardless of country of origin. Luckily, even in today’s fraught immigration landscape, higher education professionals have well-established avenues to live and work in the United States.

FordMurray supports your hiring process, whether evaluating the merits of an extraordinary ability case, submitting H-1B petitions, or training your human resources team in the nuances of complex I-9 scenarios.

Our Services

If you need help establishing a foreign student program, hiring international faculty, or if you are considering a change in immigration counsel, FordMurray offers complimentary consultations. We would be happy to talk with you about your immigration strategies and goals to build an international student body and workforce.