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Wahoo Fitness is a fitness technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in building the better athlete in all of us through the Ecosystem of indoor bike trainers, GPS bike computers, training app, cycling sensors & heart rate monitors designed to optimize training. FordMurray has worked with Wahoo Fitness since 2015, and has helped the company with international mobility as it expanded its reach internationally, opening offices in England, Germany, Japan, and Australia.

To continue to drive growth and success in a crowded marketplace, Wahoo Fitness depends on two core values – technological innovation and passion for performance.

Wahoo Fitness’ Mission and the Help of Business Immigration

Wahoo Fitness was founded in 2010 with a simple mission: to support athletic training through functional technology. Evolving alongside Smartphone and Bluetooth technology, Wahoo created training tools that harnessed training data to give athletes insight into performance, cadence, and heart rate.

business immigration client wahoo fitness instructor works out on spin bike
Wahoo Fitness creates training tools used by endurance athletes, professional athletes, Tour de France competitors, Cyclocross champions, and triathletes.

The evolution of Wahoo’s product offerings reflected changes in the marketplace. First, an external key that integrated data from heart rate monitors and smartphones, then, Bluetooth-enabled devices that stood on their own as performance-enabling devices. From there, Wahoo began bridging technology to meet the specific needs of cycling athletes. This gained traction that would fuel immense growth within the company. Wahoo’s current offerings include sport watches, heart rate monitors, bike computers, and bike trainers that simulate outdoor conditions for indoor cycling. Their products are used by endurance athletes, professional athletes, Tour de France competitors, Cyclocross champions, and triathletes, and includes an online platform called Sufferfest. This platform provides personalized, comprehensive workouts for athletes at any stage of their fitness journey.

Wahoo’s growth has not just been in products and personnel – the company currently operates from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and international offices in Australia, Japan, and England. Wahoo employs nearly 350 people worldwide, with 230 in the United States.

Suzy Stutts, Wahoo Fitness’s Manager of Human Resources, said the company’s growth depends on hiring the right people – professionals who are equally obsessed with technology and endurance sports.

“We are successful because we have employees that really understand our product and have passion for what we do,” Suzy said.

To make sure Wahoo can hire the right candidates, regardless of nationality, Wahoo counts on FordMurray partner Russell Ford.

Business Immigration Partners Since 2015

FordMurray has partnered with Wahoo Fitness since 2015, brought on initially to procure H-1B visas for software engineers. As Wahoo expanded its footprint overseas, FordMurray helped in other ways – facilitating L-1 intracompany transfers for offices in Australia, and England, securing E-3 visas for Australian nationals and helping Wahoo navigate the PERM process for permanent resident sponsorship.

Additionally, For Suzy, who oversees business immigration for Wahoo Fitness, FordMurray’s guidance has been invaluable.

“Russell has given us the confidence he’s a partner in people management,” Suzy said. “He’s a partner in helping us achieve our goals and making it as easy for us as possible.  I am confident that we are given objective advice for us to make the best business decisions while helping our employees through the immigration process.”

Wahoo Fitness employees – also known as Wahooligans – not only possess the technical acumen to do their jobs but a passion for the industry they serve.

“Russell was very instrumental in walking us through what our options were, the best way to handle it, to make it a seamless transition,” Suzy said. “That has allowed us to maintain our business and not have interruptions due to any immigration issues.”

Additionally, Suzy estimates that as much as 15% of Wahoo’s domestic workforce was born outside of the United States – an asset to a company that allows us to expand the reach beyond traditional markets.

“We strive for diversity in athletes we sponsor, who we support, and who we hire because there is so much opportunity in the endurance sports category,” she explained. 

Extending its reach is part of the company’s global expansion with a meaningful percentage of Wahoo’s business from outside of the United States.

“Russell has given us the confidence that he’s a partner in people management,”

A Growing Business

“The opportunity for growth in most all regions is encouraging. From Europe to Americas to Asia-Pacific markets- all have continued opportunity for growth,” Suzy said.

As the company continues to grow, it helps to have an immigration partner we can rely on.

“We have had such seamless success with FordMurray,” Suzy explained. “As we have more entities in other countries, intercompany transfers are going to grow, and immigration needs are going to grow. We’re going to need FordMurray and we know they are up to the task.”

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