Video: H-3 or J-1 Visas for Intern Trainee

We want to hire an intern trainee, is the H-3 or the J-1 a better option?

In this short video, attorney Russell Ford discusses the difference between an H-3 and J-1 visa for intern trainees. For more information about H-3 and J-1 Visas or other business immigration concerns, contact FordMurray attorneys here.

Transcript for video:

Bringing on trainees, you have a few options. The two that we’re going to talk about are the H-3 and the J-1. The H-3 gives an employer an opportunity to direct training programs, create training programs, but it has some additional hurdles, and H-3 requires that the training not be available in the individual’s home country. The J-1, on the other hand, the employer has to run through a pre-approved J-1 provider, but that provider, because they are pre-approved, has training programs available and doesn’t necessarily have to prove that training’s unavailable in the individual’s home country. Both have pros and cons, and both give an employer options to bring trainees in.