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What You Need to Know: Extraordinary Ability and NIW Petitions

Extraordinary ability petitions and National Interest Waivers allow the most highly skilled foreign nationals the chance to obtain a green card without sponsorship. In this article, we hope to help you understand basics of the EB-1 “Extraordinary Ability” category and the National Interest Waiver. Contact us directly if you have questions about whether you are… [Read More]

Video: I-9 Advanced

This hour-long webinar is the second in a two part series, following I-9 Basics – Forms, Rules and Common Pitfalls. The video and accompanying transcript provide more nuanced information about the I-9 application process. For more information, download our complimentary 13-page guide to I-9 compliance and preparing for an audit. If you have additional questions… [Read More]

Video: Breaking Down I-9 Compliance for Your Business

What are some steps and procedures my company can implement to ensure I-9 compliance? In this video, Attorney Michael Murray discusses some concrete steps you can take toward ensuring your business is I-9 compliant, including one common mistake even the most diligent businesses might make. Download our complimentary, 13-page guide “How to Plan for an… [Read More]

Video: I-9 Basics – Forms, Rules and Common Pitfalls

In this hour-long webinar, Attorney Michael Murray discusses the ins and outs of I-9 compliance, including: Proper completion of I-9 Forms The major rules you have to follow Deadlines for different portions of the form Common mistakes and pitfalls made by even the most responsible businesse. Also available as a resource – our complimentary, 13-page… [Read More]

Video: FAQ for Seasonal and Temporary Worker Visas

In this hour-long webinar with accompanying transcript, attorney Russell Ford presents frequently asked questions about Seasonal and Temporary worker visas, including: H-2B Visas H-3 Visas J-1 Visas F-1 Student Visas TN Visas P-1 & P-3 Visas L-1 Visas E-1 & E-3 Visas B-1 Visas For more in-depth information, download our complimentary Student and Exchange Visitor… [Read More]

Video: H-3 or J-1 Visas for Intern Trainee

We want to hire an intern trainee, is the H-3 or the J-1 a better option? In this short video, attorney Russell Ford discusses the difference between an H-3 and J-1 visa for intern trainees. For more information about H-3 and J-1 Visas or other business immigration concerns, contact FordMurray attorneys here. Transcript for video:… [Read More]

Video: Who is Eligible for Trade Nafta Visa?

In this short video, with accompanying transcript, Attorney Michael Murray explains TN visa eligibility for Mexican and Canadian nationals. If you have additional questions or concerns about the TN visa, or any other business immigration issue, contact the attorneys at FordMurray today. Who is eligible for a TN visa? Transcript of Video: The TN visa… [Read More]

Video: Employer Obligations in Sponsoring an H-1B Petition

In this short video, Attorney Michael Murray explains the necessary steps an employer must take when sponsoring an H-1B petition for a foreign worker. For more detailed explanation of the H-1B process, download our complimentary Guide to H-1B Sponsorship. For questions about H-1B sponsorship, or other business immigration concerns, contact FordMurray today. As an employer, what… [Read More]