CLIENT ALERT: Employment Authorization Settlement

On November 10, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security reached a settlement agreement that impacts employment authorization for individuals in H-4 or L-2 status.  H-4 BENEFICIARIES: Employment Authorization and Those in H-4 Status The settlement agreement applies to an H-4 dependent spouse who: Properly filed an EAD renewal application before the expiration of their current… [Read More]

I-9 Bootcamp: How to Complete Form I-9 for OPT / CPT (Video)

In our I-9 Bootcamp Series, FordMurray Founding Partner Russell Ford examines how to complete Form I-9 for OPT/CPT in complex hiring scenarios. A reminder – employers should never ask for specific forms while verifying employment eligibility, but in this video, employers will see the forms most likely used by noncitizens on F-1 status, hired for… [Read More]

Potential Penalties for Hiring Undocumented Immigrants

The hiring of undocumented immigrants, whether purposeful or not, is illegal. The I-9 process was implemented in 1986 to help combat this practice and to provide protections to both US workers and lawfully authorized non-US workers. As federal immigration policy looks to protect U.S. workers and wages in the post-pandemic world, the workplace will remain one… [Read More]

What to do if your Business Receives a “No-Match” Notification

A recent New York Times article reported that tens of thousands of employers are expected to receive “no-match” notifications from the Social Security Administration, a move that could cause massive disruptions in hospitality, construction and agriculture workforces. The notifications are the first to be sent since 2012. The practice received increased scrutiny in 2007, when… [Read More]

Top 5 Tips for Year-End Immigration Planning

With the change from summer to fall, we approach the end of 2018 – when many companies are planning their recruitment and retention strategies for foreign employees. In today’s immigration landscape, it’s important to know how to proactively plan for your business goals, so we have compiled our Top 5 Tips for Year-End Immigration Planning:… [Read More]