FY2022 H-1B Alternatives

The H-1B Registration period ended on March 25 and the H-1B Lottery Selection period has begun. Currently, we are seeing about a 30% selection rate among all filers, which suggests one of two things: (1) either the number of applicants is up for this fiscal year; or (2) USCIS is only partially into the selection… [Read More]

H-1B Pro Tip – You Should Register an Employee for H-1B Lottery even if they Have Time Left on F-1 EAD

F-1 OPT provides a valuable on-ramp for employers who use the H-1B visa to fill specialty occupations in their company. Upon graduation from a U.S. college or university, foreign students on an F-1 visa can receive OPT work authorization for 12 months – with a potential for a 24-month extension for STEM occupations with employers… [Read More]

H-1B Video: Should Employers Enter a Sponsorship Agreement with H-1B Petitioner?

In our H-1B Video series, FordMurray founding partner Russell Ford answers questions commonly asked by employers during the H-1B petition process. One recurring question is whether employers can enter a sponsorship agreement to protect the employer’s investment. Russell explores options for employers and the semantic reality of sponsorship agreements in this short video. Questions? Employers… [Read More]

H-1B Video: When Should Employers Add Multiple Sites to an H-1B Petition

Including multiple worksites in the initial H-1B petition can provide flexibility for employers and H-1B employees, and can save thousands of dollars in refiling fees for amended petitions. Many employers who would have never considered multiple locations should look at whether work from home policies during the COVID era impact their policies. FordMurray founding partner… [Read More]

What are Employer Obligations in the H-1B Process?

The H-1B is perhaps the most well-known work visa and a cornerstone of business immigration for public and private companies large and small, institutions of higher education, school systems, and hospitals/healthcare facilities. This dual-intent, nonimmigrant visa allows employers to bring professional employees to the US, and also has a clearly defined path for the applicant… [Read More]

What to Expect from the FY 2022 H-1B Lottery

UPDATE 2/17/2021 United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) indicated it will open H-1B registration for FY2021 on March 9, 2021. The window will close March 25, 2021. During the registration period, petitioners can electronically file petitioner and beneficiary information through the electronic registration process. On February 5, USCIS shared the following guidance on this… [Read More]

President Biden to Face Trump’s 11th Hour Immigration Rules

In a flurry of activity before leaving office January 20, the Trump Administration implemented or extended changes to U.S. immigration policy that will likely be overturned by the incoming administration of President Joe Biden.  Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Rule The Department of Labor reissued a Wage Level Rule that will increase the minimum wage… [Read More]

Looking Ahead: How a Biden Presidency Could Impact Start-Ups and the Innovation Economy

President-Elect Joe Biden will inherit an immigration landscape that has changed dramatically in the four years of the Trump Administration. Under its “Buy American, Hire American” directive, the Trump Administration changed the way federal immigration laws are interpreted and enforced, leading to increased scrutiny of every conceivable aspect of legal immigration, from obtaining U.S. citizenship… [Read More]