Why We Offer Free Consultations

Every law practice is run differently, and we decided early on at FordMurray that we would offer complimentary consultations to business owners who need help navigating the immigration landscape. Why do we do it?

Most importantly, we hope to help business owners and individuals understand the various immigration pathways available in order to make informed decisions about the best path forward.

Sometimes, we can offer an enthusiastic green light for hiring on an employer-sponsored visas, family petitions or self petitions green cards. Sometimes we can offer strategies or solutions that might not have occurred to the foreign national or employer. Sometimes we can offer feedback on strengthen a petition. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to help business owners understand why business immigration is not an avenue available in their industry or for the position they are hiring for.

We offer complimentary consultations because immigration is complicated and high-stakes – and we are committed to serving businesses and highly skilled individuals who would like to live and work in the United States. Interested in a complimentary consultation to evaluate your case? Contact us today.