Immigration Options for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Northeastern University’s announced opening of The Roux Institute in Portland has sent shockwaves of excitement through Maine’s tech industries – and for good reason. Northeastern’s cooperative education model leverages corporate partnerships to design curriculum that responds to business needs – helping ensure students have the practical and technical skills to thrive in the global marketplace… [Read More]

Immigration 2020 – Now is the Time to Think About Green Card or Naturalization

2019 was a tumultuous year for immigration, and we expect 2020 to be no different. As the 2020 election approaches, immigration – even for highly-skilled, sought-after professionals – is likely to be a hot-button issue. While it might seem like an inopportune environment to pursue the next step of immigration, NOW is the time for… [Read More]

Why We Offer Free Consultations

Every law practice is run differently, and we decided early on at FordMurray that we would offer complimentary consultations to business owners who need help navigating the immigration landscape. Why do we do it? Most importantly, we hope to help business owners and individuals understand the various immigration pathways available in order to make informed… [Read More]

How to Hire Foreign Employees: 5 Steps

An international workforce may be the cornerstone of your company’s ability to succeed in an increasingly global market, but how do you hire foreign employees? Immigration in the US is a complex process. This, compounded by national discourse can at times seem discouraging toward immigration. Don’t be deterred – federal immigration laws in the United… [Read More]