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FordMurray releases 2019 H-1B Guides

FordMurray is pleased to release two new H-1B Guides for 2019: the H-1B Employers Guide and H-1B Guide for Individuals.

While both guides are filled with up-to-date information on the upcoming H-1B Cap Lottery process, they are designed to answer the specific questions we receive from employers and individuals about the H-1B petition process.

H-1B Employers Guide

H-1B Employers Guide

The Employers Guide was written with today’s Human Resource Leaders and In House Counsel in the mind. We added detailed, up-to-date information – more than doubling the information in previous guides. We hope to deliver a resource you can return to as you look to hire highly skilled foreign employees. The Employers Guide features information including:

  • Understanding the H-1B Visa
  • How to Identify a Candidate
  • Overview of Employee Obligations
  • Steps in the H-1B Petition Process
  • Avoiding RFEs
  • H-1B Alternatives
  • H-1B Portability
  • Changes in the H-1B Petition Process Under President Trump
  • Filing a New Petition, Notification of Changes
  • Planning for Employee Retention – the PERM Process and other Green Card Paths
  • Withdrawal of an H-1B Petition

To download your comprehensive Employers H-1B Guide, click here.

H-1B Guide for Individuals

H-1B Guide for Individuals

With our 2019 H-1B Guide for Individuals, we hope to address the questions we receive from professional foreign workers who hope to work in the United States on an H-1B visa, providing insight into what you can expect before, during and after the petition process. The Guide for Individuals provides detailed information, including:

  • What is an H-1B Visa?
  • What are the Qualification for an H-1B Visa?
  • Understanding the H-1B Cap Lottery and Cap Exemption
  • What to Expect from the H-1B Application Process
  • H-1B Alternatives
  • Strategies for Avoiding RFEs and other H-1B Pitfalls
  • Understanding H-1B Portability
  • Planning for Permanent Residency

To download your Individuals Guide, click here.