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I-9 Compliance for Higher Education

While fostering an international community of faculty and students brings a myriad of benefits to college and university campuses, immigrant and nonimmigrant employees add an additional level of complexity to an institution’s I-9 compliance program.

FordMurray has worked with colleges and universities across the United States to train human resource professionals at higher education institutions in advanced I-9 scenarios, including H-1B portability, F-1 student OPT and CPT employment, Form I-9 for asylees and refugees, and more.

Whether your human resource team needs a comprehensive I-9 manual for training and onboarding, or you need to revamp your I-9 program to include self-audits, we offer flat-fee services that will help you develop reliable, consistent I-9 compliance protocols within your HR department. Our compliance trainings vary from half-day online interactive training programs to in-person presentations with attorney audits.

Nobody wants to wait until they are audited to find out they are not in compliance with I-9 program requirements. Even seemingly inconsequential record keeping mistakes and omissions can result in huge fines – it is important to be consistent and thorough when you review your I-9 forms and maintain your files.

We offer free consultations if you would like to know more about our I-9 compliance programs, or you can get more information and purchase your selection on our website by choosing your selection below.