Immigration Solutions

Student and Exchange Visitor Visas

Students, Trainees, Interns, and Visitors

icono1We help numerous institutions of higher education maintain compliance with the intricacies of SEVIS, counseling start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies on establishing J-1 and H-3 programs for trainees and interns. We also assist countless business ventures on the proper use of the B-1 Business Visitor, including the strategic use of the B-1 in lieu of H-1B. Our passion for helping organizations recruit and train future leaders and innovators rivals only that of our clients.

Employment Visas

Nonimmigrant Options

icono2You have located the best candidate for the position and have decided to invest in hiring that candidate. You are going to bring them onto your team to better position your company and achieve your growth and revenue targets. But wait, you find out the candidate does not hold a U.S. passport or a “green card,” so how do you bring them on board? Are they a professional such that you should consider an H-1B? Are they from Canada or Mexico and the TN is a possibility? Maybe the candidate holds an Australian, Chilean, or Singaporean passport and the E-3 or H-1B1 is the right choice. Perhaps your company is owned by an overseas investor or entity that has a qualifying treaty with the U.S. and the E-1 or E-2 is the best option. Does your company have affiliated entities abroad and you are seeking to transfer an employee from outside the U.S. to your U.S. operations where the L-1 might be the right choice? We have assisted countless organizations in finding the right solution to their hiring decision and working with these organizations to develop the proper strategy for bringing their candidate on board. We advise clients from the offer letter through the onboarding process in order to alleviate the stress of the company and the candidate to streamline the process and assist in order for events to go remarkably smoothly. Envision that.

Permanent Residence

U.S. Lawful Permanent Residence

icono3Your nonimmigrant (H-1B, L-1, TN, etc.) employee has made significant contributions to your company and you are now ready to extend their employment indefinitely with your organization. You know and understand that the nonimmigrant status is time-limited; so what option do you have to keep the employee beyond this restricted duration? You must sponsor the nonimmigrant employee for U.S. Lawful Permanent Residence status (a “green card”). But, much like the alphabet soup of the nonimmigrant visa world, there are so many options and which is the right choice for you and the employee? Because we have advised thousands through the green card process and have taken the time to understand our clients’ needs, goals, and businesses, we can help our clients navigate through the options, the nuances and subtleties of each, and make the right decision for the situation. As result of our having taken the time, effort, and energy to partner with our clients in the pre-employment and hiring processes, we advise on strategies and provide processes that ease the organization’s and the nonimmigrant employee’s anxiety, and cause things to go unexpectedly painlessly. Imagine the possibilities.

Visa Program Compliance

Protecting your Business

icono4Most law firms want to scare you with overcomplicated processes and threats of government interference and audits around every corner. We think differently. We understand that, as an organization, you expect the best but prepare for the worst so, if and when and audit ever occurs, you are prepared and ready, not stressed and scared. We simplify the process and provide affordable, high-quality services so you can stick to what you do best – your business. Compliance can be difficult even for the most sophisticated of business, so we are here for you exactly when you need us. We can develop H-1B/L-1 site visit plans, LCA compliance files, I-9 files, as well as develop and implement I-9 self-audit procedures and processes. In short, we will provide you with the compliance expertise you need to stay on top of your business, feel comfortable with your procedures, and prioritize how to spend your well-deserved revenues most judiciously.

Family Based Immigration and Naturalization

Your American Dream

icono2Family based immigration does more than strengthen family ties – it builds communities and follows in the rich tradition of immigration on which our nation was founded. Our family based immigration practice allows us to better serve small businesses, entrepreneurs, and those on non-immigrant visas pursue their dream of U.S. residence and citizenship.

On-call Assistant General Counsel

Hourly/Flat Fee Immigration Counsel

icono5Not every business can afford to hire an Assistant General Counsel dedicated to immigration issues or are even able to commit part of their duties to the immigration needs of the organization. And, even those larger companies don’t have a constant need for a dedicated in-house immigration attorney. Some clients get the greatest value from occasional guidance: identifying issues within existing policies, procedures or programs; discussing potential or pending legal matters such as Site Visits, LCA Compliance, or an I-9 Audit; reviewing the immigration impact of a merger, acquisition, or lay-off; and assisting with an atypical matter, such as an O, P, or Q nonimmigrant petition, or an EB-1A, NIW, or PERM application with a clear business necessity need-based argument to be developed and argued. So, to provide what we feel offers the best possible flexibility and convenience, we are available for hire on an hourly or per project basis.

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