The I-9: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Whenever your business is hiring new employees it is important to ensure that you have an I-9 form completed and on file in order to avoid penalties or other complications. Though the I-9 is a one page form that appears easy and straightforward, its completion can be wrought with confusion and mistakes can happen quickly…. [Read More]

Business Immigration: Understanding the B-1 Visa

If you live abroad and are looking to engage in short-term business activities within the United States, you will likely need a visa (some individuals qualify for entry under their passport for short-term business visits but many require a visa stamp for such entries).  In such cases, the B-1 may be the best solution. This… [Read More]

Why Your Business Needs an Immigration Strategy

Google has a staffer who is their “immigration fixer.” Her job is to help Google employees obtain their visas. Google spends $4.5 million every year taking care of visas, so they need someone overseeing their effort. Your business may not hire as many as employees as Google does, but if your organization deals with immigration… [Read More]

The Basics of Business Immigration, Part One

“How can I help an employee within my organization live and work in the United States?” In today’s interconnected world, collaboration across borders is more important than ever. Yet, immigration law can feel like a maze of puzzles when trying to move employees around the globe. Working to help employees relocateinto the country without violating… [Read More]